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How To Create a Mascot For Your Business

Business owners who are looking for new ways to connect to their potential clients might consider using a mascot. A mascot is not always easy to create, but it provides the opportunity to improve client relations and offers the ability to make a memorable character that reminds consumers about the business. A custom mascot is a useful tool when trying to get the attention of potential clients because it is easier to remember than a basic logo.


Mascot Ideas

Part of the difficulty associated with creating a mascot is the idea. So many mascots are used in other businesses to create brand awareness and gain the attention of consumers. The mascot is as important as or more important than the logo, which means it is vital to find an idea that will associate well with the company.

Throwing around several ideas is the key to finding a mascot that works for the company. Depending on the services or product provided by the company, the best mascot will vary. The easiest idea to use for any company is finding an animal that is associated with the product or service. For example, if the name of the company brings a particular animal to mind, then that is a good idea for a mascot.

In general, business owners should try looking for animals or mascot creatures that are not predators. Sticking to a non-predator will make the creation of the mascot a little easier.


Designing the Character

After deciding on the type of mascot, such as an animal or a mythological creature, it is important to start planning the character of the mascot. The character of the mascot includes the basic attitude, behaviors and actions that the mascot is likely to take.

As a business, the behaviors and personality of the character should reflect the core values of the company. The mascot needs to act as an advertisement while also avoiding the possibility of insulting potential customers or making the character too aggressive. Even if the mascot is an aggressive creature, like a lion or dragon, the behaviors should encourage consumers to buy the product or service.

The best mascots are those who have a likeable character, such as the classic Disney character Mickey Mouse. Making the mascot likeable to the general public due to a funny or interesting personality will make it easier to remember. Mascots for a business should never look intimidating because it can send the wrong message.

Depending on the company, the personality of the mascot can include comedic, serious or quirky. The choice about personality depends on the business and the type of services the company offers to clients. Serious characters are best for businesses that deal with older individuals or financial services while comedic characters are better for companies that deal with younger groups.

While it can take time to create a mascot, it is worth the effort. A mascot is a memorable character and helps bring in more business.  Hogtown Mascots create a mascot that will interest potential clients and make the business easier to find.