Moving Services

Although the prospect of moving into a new home is usually an exciting change, it involves some challenges. Whether it is across the town or country, moving entails a lot of work such as packing, transporting, and unpacking once you get to your new residence. Professional movers can often provide the necessary assistance since they perform the heavy lifting and even help you plan. You can even pay them a little extra to help you pack and unpack, all of which results in enhanced efficiency.

All the same, preparation is the key to ensuring your move is time efficient and not stressful or expensive. To make your experience with the moving company, whether short or long distance movers, listed below are a few tips.

Knowledge of the items than can and cannot be moved
A professional moving company will not move everything, and they often have the items they cannot transport for safety reasons listed. These items typically include paints, liquids, and household chemicals. They could also have the items they cannot move for liability reasons listed such as cash, pets, important papers, photographs, medicine, and food. If you plan on moving such items, you may have to pack and transport them yourself.

Make a packing plan
Determine who will be responsible for packing and unpacking well before the moving day. If you decide to do the packing, be sure to use plenty of blankets, bubble wrap, or newspaper for padding, which is important because the movers might not be liable in case something breaks in transit. Have adequate boxes and label them in detail to ensure a smooth tracking and determination of where everything needs to go once you get to your new space. Sort the boxes by weight once you are done packing to ease loading, keeping the piles out of the way or away from the doorway to provide better access to your home. Paying a moving company extra to help you pack and unpack is the more suitable option, particularly since they have better knowledge and experience when it comes to moving.

Have drinks and snacks
Most moving companies usually have full schedules, especially during the summer when people tend to move more. As such, they rarely have enough time for a lunch break and having refreshments available can be helpful. Opt for portable food options such as energy bars and a variety of beverages for the thirsty workers. Offer a few bottles of water if the weather is hot because every employee needs rehydration. Taking such precautions ensures zero dehydration risks and enhances the work rate, which makes your moving experience more pleasant.

Have some cash for tips
Moving involves schlepping your stuff the entire day, which is especially true for long distance movers seeing that they might have a long way to go to get to your new house. Moving is a tough job, making it important to have a little cash on hand to show your appreciation, especially if the movers performed a quick, thorough job and took good care of your belongings. Visit Premiere Van Lines for additional information.