Ridding the Office of Germs with Environmentally-Friendly Products

When it comes to office cleaning Mississauga, you have to use a disinfectant that will get rid of the variety of germs that can live on all the surfaces. Infectious diseases can be spread through contact with keyboards, the mouse and the phone on many desks. Unfortunately, using harsh chemicals can cause its own problems.
Chemicals in the Office and Environment
While you’re trying to eradicate microbes that can cause disease and sickness, the chemicals used in cleaning can cause breathing problems. They can eventually get into the water and soil, which can also create problems in the environment over time too.
Safe Products
There’s a government entity that monitors and approves cleaners in the U.S. called the Environmental Protection Agency, or EPA. While cleaners and disinfectants are approved for use by the EPA, they now have an alternative, green-certified cleaners through their Safer Choice Program. The products are used in schools and hospitals already.
Options Available for Office Cleaning
Along with safer products for cleaning, using steam or ozone vapor can help avoid harsh chemicals in the workplace. The high heat of steam will kill the germs and microbes that can make people ill. An office cleaning company will be able to talk to you about the choice of cleaning available, but there are tasks you can take on when the cleaners are not in the office.

Disinfection Tips

Between office cleaning visits, wipe down surfaces like the desk areas to remove dust as well as microbes that can transmit illness. EPA’s Safer Choice products are available at most stores.

Remove stains and soils from the carpet or desk before using a disinfectant in the area. Don’t leave stains or soils to set in the carpet.

Food and drinks shouldn’t be kept at a person’s desk since it’ll cause a bug or mouse infestation. Remove all traces of food from the area promptly.

Wipe down all the hard surfaces like filing cabinet handles, tables and reception areas.

In the break room, have someone dedicated to wiping down the counters and tables. The handle of the refrigerator and the interior of it should be cleaned frequently.

Between office cleaning visits, the employees or maintenance can be tasked with cleaning the desks, reception area and break room. This will ensure that germs don’t have time to infect anyone. For greener, environmentally-friendly cleaning, an alternative to disinfectants should be used.  For more information visit Jan-Pro:

Image Credit: Cijcleaning